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A Village Hall or Church Hall is a valuable asset to the local community, and just like any other local resource, the floor deserves and requires regular maintenance to keep it looking great and to maintain its value after you have invested in making it look good again. Following a refurbishment of your floor, we offer a FREE ANNUAL INSPECTION VISIT to check if any further work is needed.

We pride ourselves on being a wood flooring aftercare specialist by providing an ongoing floor maintenance service that works for your newly refurbished wood floor. If a regular cleaning and maintenance regime is carried out using our recommended wood floor cleaning products together with resealing, it will succeed in making your surface perform better, be more resistant to slip and last longer.

If wood floors are ignored they will wear more rapidly and therefore an expensive full sanding job becomes more likely. Downtime is also greater if it becomes necessary to spend more time on fully sanding the floor, which can obviously affect revenue and profitability during closure. If the surface is not regularly monitored, the performance of the floor could decrease more rapidly also.

Through Floorfixer's experience, knowledge and large range of equipment, we provide a protective maintenance service for large multi-function rooms such as church halls, ballrooms, village halls, community centres and school main halls. During the annual inspection, our Surveyor will carry out a simple test of the sealant depth which gives an indicator to wear. This will establish whether the surface is sufficiently protected to allow a screen and recoat process. If the Surveyor subsequently recommends a 'Screen and Recoat', this would include deep-cleaning with a Power-Scrubber and screening with rotary abrading discs plus application of the highest quality seal as explained in our 'Screen & Recoat' page.

Where there is sports activity, or if an area is used primarily for dining, then the removal of either body fats or food oils is essential. We can also advise and supply a range of anti-slip solutions to stop dirt, moisture and abrasive substances from damaging your floor. During the Annual Service Visits, we can also offer training for Cleaning Staff on how to monitor the floor regularly. This will enable them to be able to identify any unusual or unexpected flooring issues in the earliest stages which will therefore minimise unwelcome surprises.

The 4 step procedure for a 'Screen and Recoat' is as follows:
(1) Preparation: Firstly, we thoroughly Vacuum and Dust-Mop the entire floor area to eliminate any grit or small hard particles of dirt

(2) A fine-abrasive Metal Screen is attached to a buffer which lightly skims over the floor to provide an adhesive surface for the finish

(3) Our powerful Cleaning Machine. with its counter-rotating roller brushes is used to thoroughly vacuum the floor and remove any small particles of dust left by the screening process

(4) Fresh coat (or coats) of Hard wearing Polyurethane Lacquer is then applied by a snow-plough method on larger areas (see video below) or using a roller applicator on smaller rooms. If using Hardwax Oil, we apply with a pad attached to a buffing machine or a special hard-bristled brush.

Cost: The Annual Maintenance Inspection visit is offered FREE with all Commercial contracts we carry out. There is no obligation at this inspection stage to have any further work done, but if a 'Screen and Recoat' is recommended, a separate quotation will be issued for any work following the survey visit.

Floorfixer currently charge £275* for labour plus the cost of mesh screens, deep-cleaning solution and lacquer. We usually recommend Junkers Commercial which is a High Performance water-based lacquer especially made for where a high foot-fall of traffic is expected. Prices can fluctuate, but you can check the product cost by visiting our supplier's website; Floorstock. We do not add a mark-up to their trade prices, but do insist that all products are obtained by us to avoid ordering incorrectly.

* Charged during 2017/18/19/20/21/22/23 AND 2024

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