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FloorFixer customers want a dust-free environment for obvious reasons. As well as being just a competitive advantage for our business by eliminating dust from the sanding process and increasing the efficiency and quality of our work, our new state-of-the-art equipment also allows us to cause less disruption in the home when carrying out the work. The special dust containment system we now use also provides healthier working conditions for our staff who can now breathe a little easier.

Floor Wood Sanding has always traditionally created an enormous amount of airborne sawdust, and the type of dust generated by floor sanding is a known toxin and carcinogen. The level of toxicity varies considerably according to the species of the wood and we take every precautionary measure possible to prevent breathing it in - for our own sake, as well as the homeowner.

We have found that the best way to control dust inhalation is through a properly designed and maintained dust containment system. The system we use is the latest advancement in dust containment technology, which provides 99% evacuation of dust from the entire floor sanding process. The reduction of airborne dust exposure results in a much cleaner work area during and after sanding and it saves us valuable cleaning up time too.

Our knowledgeable Surveyor will give free advice on what would be the most appropriate products to use on your particular floor during his site visit. This will depend on the specific age and type of wood, the environment, and preferred sheen level. We always recommend natural products, the most popular type we use are waterborne finishes which are classified as non-toxic with a solvent content of less than 10%, This type of finish provides excellent wear resistance and is applied without leaving toxic fumes in the area. Waterborne finishes are also faster drying and non-yellowing, so there is absolutely no reason to use a toxic solvent-based finish. Solvent-based finishes are classified as poisons and are dangerous not just for the people who apply the coatings, but also home owners and other 'passive' users who come into contact with these products.

Waterborne finishes offer many advantages over solvent-based finishes. Firstly, there is no need to move out of your home while the finish is curing, unlike solvent based finishes which can take up to 60 days to cure. Secondly, the waterborne finishes we use contain a non-yellowing agent which means that they offer a more natural look which highlights the wood-grain, while still providing excellent wear resistance.

Ultimately, our system allows us to start and finish the job faster, eliminate dust from settling into the protective finish and limits cleaning up time. Our customers keep coming back to us because we're reliable, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. FloorFixer will always provide unmatched service - delivering a top quality floor restoration job for you without any dust, mess or fuss.

While some national floor sanding companies have invested their resources in big advertising campaigns to attract new customers, we have relied on word of mouth referrals and repeat customers from the other allied services we provide under the name of Leicester Carpet Cleaners and CleanPave. Leicester Carpet Cleaners is a well-established Carpet & Upholstery cleaning business, and CleanPave is in its thirteenth successful year, pressure-wash cleaning and sealing hard surfaces such as Driveways & Patios.

We had virtually no online presence for our Floor Sanding service whatsoever until 2013. More than anything, it has been the relationships we have formed with our customers that have kept us afloat through the recent economically challenging years. As most people soon discover, we don't mind a bit of hard graft and we think we deserve a bit of luck, but moreover, our recent success has made us realise the value of providing a top quality service and it has reaffirmed the three main concepts that we firmly believe in:

Tomorrow's opportunities are the result of today's efforts.
Our next job is the by-product of the current one's success.
The best salesperson we can find is a satisfied customer.


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